Wake JCPC Members

cLocal School Superintendent/designee Paul Walker
Chief of Police/designee Eric DeSimone
Local Sheriff/designee Zoe Cruz-Conerly
District Attorney/designee Katherine Edmiston
Chief Court Counselor Donald Pinchback
Mental Health/designee Eric Johnson
Director of Social Services/designee Vacant
County Manager/designee Ginny Satterfield
Substance Abuse Professional Beth Nelson JCPC Chair
Member of Faith Community Christal Carmichael 
Person under 18 Vacant
Person under 18 Vacant
Chief District Court Judge Rep Vacant
Member of Business Community


Health Director/designee

Ann Godwin

United Way or nonprofit

Nick Allen

Parks & Recreation Representative

Christy Famalore

Juvenile Defense attorney Sharif Deveaux
County Commissioner Dr. James West
Member at Large Tony Cancel
Member at Large

George Currie

Member at Large L.A. Cuttler
Member at Large Jonathan Glenn
Member at Large Carla Huff
Member at Large Vacant