We care about the children of Wake County!

The Wake County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council does not want to see children committing criminal offenses or delinquent acts. Our goal is to provide you with information and opportunities to help our youth. The council is made up of a diverse group of citizens from Wake County representing law enforcement, education, service/civic organizations, business, youth, criminal justice, faith communities, and human services such as mental health, substance abuse, and social services.


Our Vision

  1. Increase public awareness of the causes of juvenile delinquency and gang involvement and advocate for alternatives to confinement.
  2. Decrease Juvenile delinquency through supporting and collaborating with organizations that provide efficient and effective prevention and intervention programs.
  3. Advocate for community commitments to the prevention of delinquency and gang involvement.
  4. Promote the development of strong children, families and communities
  5. Effectively use available tools to develop a dynamic and comprehensive approach to juvenile delinquency and gang involvement.